When we gather for worship we anticipate an experience with the Living God. Our hope is to create an environment where Jesus Christ is our Center and the Holy Spirit is given full freedom to move, live and breathe among us. We worship on Saturday Evenings!

Centennial Covenant Church has graciously offered to let us use their space to gather for worship on Saturday nights at 5:30. The address is 401 W. Mineral Avenue Littleton. Join us at 5:30! We believe that Jesus is at the center of what it means for us to be human in this beautiful, yet broken world we live in. 

As Son of God, He is also our only hope. Every week when we gather together we believe that God is right there among us and He desperately wants to connect with us in a way that is real. 

We believe that worship is participatory, relational & experiential. In order to facilitate this, we employ any number of historic Christian practices:




Creating Community

Sacred Reading


Sharing a Meal




You are cordially invited! There's not a person we need you to be or anything we need you to believe to be welcome. We provide childcare at all of our gatherings.  Check it out! Also, check out our calendar for events & gatherings.